Our Christian values as a School provide a foundation for developing a moral perspective and framework of values in our students. Students at Canberra Grammar participate in community service programmes as a part of their education and are encouraged to make positive contributions to the lives of others. We welcome and value each one for the way in which their different cultures and outlook enrich the life and culture of the School.

The benefits of living these values are evident through the whole Canberra Grammar School community. Parents receive many opportunities to participate in the life of the School and in parent associations. The home-school partnership is an important contributor to each student’s success.

Visitors are always welcome at Canberra Grammar School and we look forward to meeting you and your family.


Our community is at the heart of Canberra Grammar School. We greatly value our former students and encourage their continuing relationship with the School.

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The School hosts a range of events such as Open Days, Regional Visits, Fetes and much more. Find out more about what our annual events calendar has in store.

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Philanthropy plays a vital role at Canberra Grammar School, allowing us to enhance the opportunities we are able to offer and to secure a successful future for the School.

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Parents and Friends

The Parents and Friends Association (CGS P&F) works with the School alongside the School’s sporting associations, CGS Foundation and other groups to augment community life and opportunities for students, parents and community members alike.

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