Privacy Policy

Conditions of information collection and privacy

Canberra Grammar School (the School) collects personal information, including sensitive information about students and parents / guardians before and during the course of a student’s enrolment at the School. Information is collected in accordance with the following conditions.

  1. The School will generally collect personal information about an individual using forms completed by parents or students, face-to-face meetings, interviews, and telephone calls.
  2. In relation to personal information of students and parents, the School’s primary purpose of collection is to enable it to provide schooling for the student.
  3. Some of the information the School collects is to satisfy the School’s legal obligations, particularly to enable it to discharge its duty of care.
  4. Laws governing or relating to the operation of a school require certain information to be collected and disclosed. These include relevant Education, Public Health and Child Protection laws with which the School complies as relevant.
  5. The School may be provided with personal information about an individual from a third party, for example a report provided by a medical professional or a reference from another school or previous school reports.
  6. The School may request medical reports about students from time to time. Health information about students is classified as sensitive information within the terms of the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act.
  7. When necessary, the School may disclose personal and sensitive information to others for administrative and educational purposes, including to facilitate the transfer of a student to another school. This includes to other schools, government departments, medical practitioners, and people providing services to the School, including specialist visiting teachers, [sports] coaches, volunteers and counsellors.
  8. Personal information collected from students is regularly disclosed to their parents / guardians.
  9. The School is permitted under legislation to provide non-educational material to a parent where the student would reasonably expect this to happen. Under the Privacy Act, the School will consider the age of the student, the nature of the information, and the student’s expectations about what information might be disclosed.
  10. The information would only be shared where it is legal to do so and only if necessary for the School to fulfil its functions or its legal obligations, including those of duty of care. Where personal information is shared with a third party, only the information that needs to be disclosed is shared, not necessarily all information relating to that person.
  11. The School and its staff respect the confidentiality of students’ and parents’ personal information and the privacy of individuals. Various School policies reiterate the need for confidentiality and care in the management of personal information and sanctions exist for breach
    of these rules.
  12. The School has in place procedures to protect the personal information it holds from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, unauthorised modification or disclosure.
  13. The School’s Privacy Policy sets out how parents or students may seek access to personal information collected about them. However, there may be occasions when access is denied or restricted. Such occasions would include situations where the release of the information would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of others, or where the release may result in a breach of the School’s duty of care to a student.
  14. Personal information held by the School may be disclosed to an organisation that assists in the School’s fundraising and community building, for example, the P&F Association, the Alumni and the CGSFoundation. The School will not disclose personal information to third
    parties for their own marketing purposes.
  15. On occasion information, and related photographs, regarding academic and sporting achievements, student activities, excursions and events is published in newsletters, the annual magazine, prospectus, calendar and the School intranet. The School will seek annual permission from the student’s parent/guardians for such publication.
  16. The School will obtain separate permissions from the student’s parents/guardian prior to publication if the School seeks to include photographs or other identifying material in promotional or advertising material for the School or otherwise make it available to the public.
  17. If parents/guardians provide the School with the personal information of others, such as doctors or emergency contacts, the School encourages the parents/guardians to inform those individuals that they are disclosing that information to the School. The individuals should be informed that they can access that information if they wish and that the School does not usually disclose this information to third parties.
  18. The School Privacy Policy outlines how an individual may complain about an alleged breach of privacy and how the School will deal with such a complaint.

Social Media Guidelines

Canberra Grammar School maintains an active presence across a variety of social media platforms as another way to stay in touch and communicate with the students, staff, parents and wider CGS Community. CGS will always conduct communication in a respectful and courteous manner, and encourages that everyone interacting on our social media platforms will follow the guidelines set out below.

All official CGS social media platforms are moderated by the Communications Manager and the Community Development Office. All posts, comments and interactions will be regularly reviewed to ensure that they meet our guidelines and policies and are made in a respectful manner. Any comments or posts that do not meet our guidelines, or are that are deemed as inappropriate or offensive will be deleted/removed.

Social media is an interactive platform that can be viewed by the public, and while CGS will make the best effort possible to moderate its page, any content posted or comment made (including third-party links) other than from the official CGS account is not an endorsement by CGS, and CGS cannot be held responsible or held accountable for it. Please do not share personal information on any CGS social media platform.

Any questions regarding social media channels should be directed to the Communications Manager at