Canberra Grammar School is a vibrant and rewarding place in which to work. It is also a very exciting time at CGS as the School now offers full co-education across all years, from Pre-School to Year 12, with significant growth to our leadership, teaching and support staff.

By joining the CGS team, you will be working alongside exceptionally dedicated, qualified and experienced staff, and engaging daily with bright, motivated and open-hearted students and to enjoy the amenities of life on a beautiful, open school campus in a city that is clear, uncongested, and affords unrivalled access to many of the leading political, cultural and intellectual institutions of Australia. 

Here are some of our latest positions : Head of Mathematics , Director of Academic Education, Senior School Science Teacher , view more …


To learn how you can help our students be ready for the world, apply for one of our current positions available.



Together, as school and staff, we believe it is our obligation to appreciate our very special working environment and to nurture the educational culture that it engenders

Recruitment PROCESS

Canberra Grammar School prides itself on employing dedicated, qualified and experienced staff who are motivated to contribute to the School community in a positive way. To achieve this, prospective staff will go through the following employment process:

  1. Position is advertised on the CGS job portal

  2. Applicant applies through the CGS job portal

    (with a receipt of application email sent)

  3. Applicants are short listed by an assessment panel

  4. Applicants are interviewed by a panel

  5. An offer and appointment is made; and

  6. Unsuccessful interview applicants are informed.

Living in Canberra

Canberra is an ideal place in which to live and raise a family.

The School is set in an open and beautiful campus in a city of spacious suburbs with a wide range of excellent educational, medical and recreational facilities.