Welcome from the Head of School


Our School was founded for the national capital, and it has a rich history of academic, sporting, and artistic achievements. Our campus has grown as one of the most beautiful in Canberra, and our students have given in citizenship to Australia and the world for nearly a hundred years.

Yet, proud as we are of our heritage, our eyes are firmly fixed on the future. The truth is that we are just getting started.

The opportunities for students at Canberra Grammar School are as diverse as they are, and all that we do is directed to ensuring that every young person may thrive.

Our goal is for our students to become curious, creative, confident, and compassionate citizens of the world.  The opportunities for them at Canberra Grammar School are as diverse as they are, and all that we do is directed to ensuring that every young person may thrive.

Our inspirational staff are a community. They care for each other and our students. Together, they aspire to the highest standards in education. They are dedicated mentors who pride themselves on learning and on building authentic and enduring relationships.

Our community, too, is warm and committed to the culture of our School and our city.  Our families and alumni are woven into the fabric of Canberra and Australia.  They link our School with the great intellectual, cultural and political institutions of our nation.

It is my privilege to be part of Canberra Grammar School and I am proud of all who make it special.  I warmly invite you to visit and to share first-hand its spirit and opportunity.

Justin Garrick
Head of School

CGS100 Centenary Plan

To view  the CGS100 Centenary Plan (Strategic Directions toward 2029), CLICK HERE.