Student Care & Development

At Canberra Grammar School we know and nurture our students as individuals seeking to inspire, support and celebrate the efforts of all in realising their intellectual, spiritual, cultural, social and physical aspirations.

The care of our students can most readily be seen on a daily basis through the affirming and vibrant interactions that take place between themselves and their teachers. Complementing these interactions is the broader support offered by our Campus Directors, Chaplain, School Counsellor, Defence School Transition Aide, Learning Development staff, Deputy and members of the Primary School Leadership Team. All these members of our School community are ready and committed to working with students and their families, addressing matters of importance to them.

Within the Primary School our approach to student care and development stems from a fundamental belief that positive and respectful relationships, knowing and being responsive to the individual children in our care, the setting of high expectations for all, and the development of an international perspective are success factors that underpin our students’ achievement of their potential.


There’s a strong feeling of connectedness and belonging within our community. We create genuine partnerships with our students’ parents and caregivers. We do this because we value the knowledge they hold of their child and the insights they can provide to ensure successful outcomes. These partnerships are based upon shared expectations, values and respectful communication. 


Building upon the knowledge provided by families, our educators forge positive relationships with the children in their care. We nurture a sense of belonging, connectedness and security in our students through affirmation and encouraging the young person’s voice to be heard. 

Each educator tunes in to the children’s feelings, personal attributes, and background while fostering a strong sense of wellbeing. Through developing our students’ positive self-concept, our children learn to be receptive and work collaboratively with others.


Our students build upon their innate curiosity to explore new possibilities with courage and forethought, express their ideas and emotions in constructive and innovative ways, and form an independent approach to learning that will sustain them throughout their lives. 

We challenge our students with their learning. We applaud their persistence, courage and capacity to learn from mistakes. We also enable them to experience the deep satisfaction that comes from undertaking real effort. 

We know the children in our care have the capacity to succeed. So, in partnership with families, we will always strive to optimise their learning potential.


We know the young people we educate now are part of the world’s first truly global generation. More than any before them, they will live, study and work across cultures and languages in an increasingly mobile and permeable world. 

We prepare our students to have an international perspective, readying them to be future global citizens. We support them to navigate their current life, then use their experiences to think bigger and explore global issues. We teach our students to be inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who think beyond their interests to influence the international community’s future positively.