Student Care & Development

We strive to ensure each student feels a sense of belonging to the school community and has the opportunity and support for academic, social and personal growth. We do this through a network of support and community offerings.

At Canberra Grammar School, we believe that student development is a multi-faceted process that must be tailored to individual students’ needs.

The School has a rich and developed student culture, with a level of care for students that enables them to learn in a productive and supportive environment.

The four pillars on which our care and development are based upon are:

  • Houses & Tutor Groups
  • Leadership & Service
  • Spiritual Life & Chaplaincy
  • Student Services


The House system plays a vital role in the Senior School. It is the fundamental structure of our pastoral care and wellbeing programme. It brings students together in group where they feel a sense of belonging and encourages them to mentor and support each other, with older students assisting younger ones.

Houses & Tutor Groups


A leader does the right thing, not because someone is looking, but because it’s the right thing to do – even in complex or challenging circumstances. To lead successfully, a leader must also serve.

Leadership & Service


We teach our students to respond to human needs with loving service. We educate young leaders of the future who are distinguished by compassion, to give more than is received, to serve and to love

Spiritual Life & Chaplaincy


Canberra Grammar School offers an array of support to ensure the wellbeing and ongoing development of compassionate, expressive, balanced and well-rounded young people.

Support Services