Our Strategy

Our strategy is underpinned by our Purpose, Mission, Values and Vision.

The commitments outlined in our Strategic Plan are important in making us the School that we aspire to be by our centenary in 2029.

To view  the CGS100 Centenary Plan (Strategic Directions toward 2029), CLICK HERE.


Our Purpose

Our Faith

As an Anglican School, we embrace people of all faiths and backgrounds who seek to live, learn and work in a community guided by Christian values.

Our Foundation

As a school founded in the holistic tradition of independent education, we nurture the whole human being: spiritual, intellectual, social, cultural and physical. 

Our People

As a community, we value and care for all, and we celebrate our diversity of faith, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, talent, ability and background.

Our Place

As a school established to serve the young capital of an ancient country, our role is to educate the generations who will shape Australia’s future.

Our Time

As a school proud of its history but focused on the challenges of the future, our education must equip our students to flourish in the era that they will inherit to shape.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate students who embody the qualities that we value. It is to educate curious, creative, confident and Compassionate Citizens, ready for the world.


We are guided in all that we do by our aspiration to be: 


We strive to fuel our students’ fascination, to equip them with the skills of inquiry, and to give them a thirst for ever-greater knowledge and understanding. 


We aim to inspire our students’ imagination, to nurture a love of beauty and ideas, and to give them the skills to embrace challenge and innovation. 


 We seek to encourage our student’s sense of self, to build their motivation and capacity, and to help them find fulfilment in courage and leadership through service. 


We aspire to nurture our students’ empathy and respect for all, to uphold their integrity, and to support them in their love and care for humanity and creation. 

Citizens of the World

We desire to see our students use the power of their education and the quality of their characters to shape a just, sustainable and prosperous future for all.




By its centenary in 2029 Canberra Grammar School intends to be one of the most outstanding centres of learning in Australia: Excellent in all that we do, and distinctive in who we are. The School will be:

    A Centre of Educational Excellence

    We aim to be one of the most dynamic centres of educational excellence in Australia.  We will provide a distinctive P-12 CGS Curriculum that actively develops learning capacity and explicitly prepares students to be curious, creative, confident and compassionate citizens of the world. 

    An Inclusive and Caring Culture 

    Guided by our Anglican values, we embrace diversity and we aim to know, respect and nurture all students as complex human beings.  We will seek to inspire and celebrate the efforts of all in realising their intellectual, spiritual, cultural, social and physical potential. 

    A Place of Challenge and Opportunity

    We aim be distinguished for the outstanding spirit and quality of our co-curricular opportunities.  We encourage and support both broad participation and the achievement of excellence in enrichment activities, service learning, the creative and performing arts, sport, and outdoor education. 

    A Globally-Oriented Innovator

    We aim to be known for its commitment to innovation and globallyoriented education.  We will embrace the power of technology, and we will play our part as a leading school in Australia’s capital for the advancement of Indigenous education and the promotion of global perspectives. 

    A Fulfilling and Rewarding Workplace

    We aim to be a fulfilling, collegial community, and a leader in professional development.  We are committed to the care and wellbeing of colleagues, and to investment in the professional growth of our teaching and operational teams. 

    A Committed and Connected Community

    We aim to be outward-looking and engaged with our community.  Embracing the diversity, expertise and commitment of our families and alumni, we will enrich the experiences of our students and staff, and we will give to the life of our city and the future of Australian education. 

    A Thriving and Sustainable Enterprise

    We aim to be an efficient, financially and environmentally sustainable organisation.  We will invest in the educational opportunities for students, the professional growth of our staff, and the continuous development improvement of our outstanding campus and facilities. 

    To view  the CGS100 Centenary Plan (Strategic Directions toward 2029), CLICK HERE.