Get Involved


There are plenty of ways for you to get involved with the CGS Alumni and the current life of Canberra Grammar School.


Connect with Alumni in Your Area

CGS Alumni have spread across the globe and work in a fascinating range of fields. Many of our former students love to connect with alumni. Sometimes it’s giving local tips to someone new to the area, sharing a meal, or sometimes it’s simply getting together to network.

We have several Alumni who would love to contact former students living or travelling in their region. If you’d like to connect with and network with CGS Alumni, please get in touch with us, and we can get you in touch with local Alumni who would be happy to hear from you. You can also register onto our official CGS Alumni networking platform, where you can find fellow Alumni, friends, or even mentors who can assist you as you navigate your professional journey.


Mentoring Programme

The vocations of our Alumni are reflected in the quality and success of our graduates. With the breadth and depth of the CGS Alumni community, we know there is a wealth of knowledge and expertise that could help our more recent graduates.

The CGS Alumni Mentoring Programme establishes a network of enthusiastic mentors about sharing their knowledge and expertise with recent (or even not so recent) CGS graduates. The programme focuses on career and professional development. It inspires future leaders and harnesses talent in a comfortable and exciting environment. Mentees might also seek a mentor for advice on investments, starting a business or establishing themself post-school or university.

The Alumni Mentoring Programme has a network of mentors across industries, including the military, legal services, healthcare, hospitality, real estate, banking and finance, media and communications, education, entrepreneurship and small business, and science and engineering.



Become a Mentor

We would love it if you’d consider taking the opportunity to connect with another generation of our CGS community and impart your wisdom, learnings and experiences.

You are eligible to apply to be a mentor if you are a CGS Alumni, CGS staff member or CGS parent (current or past). If you are not connected to the CGS community but would like to give back as a mentor, we’d be pleased to hear from you. Please email

Your investment in the programme can be as little or as much as you’re able, and something mentors and mentees will discuss before agreeing to any arrangement.

Become a Mentee

As a mentee, you will draw on the expertise of the CGS community for professional and career development. Email to find out how you can sign up. 

Email to find out how you can sign up.