Computing & Code Cadets

The world’s tech-driven economy needs coding-literate citizens who can compete in the global marketplace of ideas. CGS offers unique and practical computing and IT programmes as part of our academic and co-curricular offerings. Teaching students to code introduces them to logical thinking concepts and develops problem-solving skills. It encourages experimentation, develops persistence and promotes collaboration. We keep our offerings modern and relevant in the fast-moving world of technological change. We were the first school in Australia to teach iOS application development as part of our formal academic curriculum, the first school to adopt teaching the new Swift programming language, and the first school in the world to develop for Microsoft HoloLens. We also prioritise projects that give back to the community.

Years 7 & 8

Students have the opportunity to join the Code Cadets group, a co-curricular activity that teaches introductory Python programming.

Years 9 & 10

Students can choose Information and Software Technology as one of their elective subjects. The course teaches students to develop websites, web-based applications and iOS applications.

Years 11 & 12

The School offers Software Design and Development as part of the Higher School Certificate. This course teaches students the foundations of the software engineering process, particularly the different approaches that can be taken to develop software, how hardware and software are related, and interpersonal skills needed by developers to work in teams.

Beyond the curriculum, students participate in:

  • The Australian Informatics Competition
  • Sydney University’s Python Programming Challenge
  • UNSW ProgComp
  • Hackathon ACT
  • GovHack.

Every year, the Code Cadets have the opportunity to visit the world’s tech leaders such as Google, Facebook and Apple on a tech experience through San Francisco and Silicon Valley. This is an overseas excursion like no other and one unique to CGS.