The Right Reverend Grant Dibden

Grant is a graduate of the Royal Military College, Duntroon and served 26 years in the regular Army attaining the rank of Colonel.  He was a logistics specialist, commanding the 7th Combat Service Support Battalion and deployed briefly to East Timor and the Solomon Islands.

Grant has 15 years of experience as an Army Reserve Chaplain and deployed to the Middle East where he was the Coordinating Chaplain for the ADF in the Middle East Region.  In March 2020 he was consecrated as Anglican Bishop to the Australian Defence Force where he oversees around 100 Anglican Defence Chaplains.

He is Chair of the Defence Force Board of the Anglican Church, Chair of the Defence Force Anglican Chaplains Incorporated, and Chair of the AMOS Foundation.

He has been elected Chair of the Religious Advisory Committee to the Defence Force from 1 January 2022.